Micro-algae cultivation on light

Light dependent micro-algae are great ‘decarbonizers’ and at the same have the potential to become an important source of our (in)direct food and nutrition as they grow exponentially fast, require very little resources and produce many valuable products such as proteins, fatty acids, carotenoids. Critical, however under-appreciated, is the fact algae as plants, do not waste photosynthetic energy on non-edible plant components such as roots and wood.

However, despite the enormous potential in many markets, outdoor microalgae cultivation suffers from seasonal limitations, is costly due to low productivity per ground space and which requires much land, water, power and labor while delivering an inconsistent and unstandardized product.



The Hi, I’m Algae cultivation systems increases the overall productivity in a given production volume with light availability distributed evenly inside the culture system to generate a homogeneous light mixture, maximizing the light period availability to 24/24 only emitting those wave lengths that are required physiologically. This is the optimal conversion of electric energy into aquatic biomass and thus reducing production costs and at the same time stabilizing production parameters. The continuous optimal culture environment ensures a consistent standardized product.

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