In 2016 Hi, I'm Algae was founded by 10 experts in the industry with the aim to build the food-grade aquatic cultivation system for all light dependent micro-algae. Integrated in the company is over 40 years of research on photosynthesis optimization with a strong track record in the highly innovative Dutch Glass house industry. Expertise on finance is combined with the latest in LED lighting and driver technology and with knowledge on engineering and producing food grade processing equipment.


The team aims to make their cultivation architecture the reactor system of choice in Europe within 5 years for food-grade micro algae propagation. In accordance to the strategy set out at the foundation of the company, the cultivation system is designed, patented and produced all with the vision of large-scale reproduceable reactor production at multiple facilities in mind.

The disruptive cultivation architecture is distinctive from any sunlight driven system on the market by a design that optimizes the algal life-cycle physiology and photosynthetic needs first. The enzyme RuBisCO is the primary rate-limiting factor of photosynthesis and thus biomass production per 24h. Under natural outdoor sunlight conditions the rate of the enzymatic activity is relatively slow, running only 15% of the maximum catalytic conversion in aquatic conditions. 

The Hi, I’m Algae cultivation systems increases the overall productivity in a given production volume with light availability distributed evenly inside the culture system to generate a homogeneous light mixture, maximizing the light period availability to 24/24 only emitting those wave lengths that are required physiologically. This is the optimal conversion of electric energy into aquatic biomass and thus reducing production costs per kilo biomass produced. 


Filips | CEO

Technical Chemical Engineer specialized in plant physiology and enzymatic chemistry; he has extended his knowledge to industrializing of cultivation and manipulation of algae. Senior Business Developer

Henk Jan | CFO

Senior banker with Higher Education in Accountancy, 25 years of experience in banking and finance, knowledge in fundraising, financial participation.

Jarno | CTO / Electrical Engineer

LED light and driver developer with a profound experience in hardware and high-end electronics design and development.

Dick | Patent Specialist

Expert an algal physiology and plant Phyto-pharmacy

Rudi | ICT Specialist

Embedded (sensor) systems architect / designer

Wiebe | Financial Controller

Senior Financial specialist

Charles | Mechanical Engineer

Gerard | Mechanical Engineer

Theo | Energy Specialist

Marine and industrial engineering, certified and registered energy consultant